Nendoroid The Joker: Villains Edition

Nendoroid The Joker: Villains Edition

I’ve seen nendoroids around for ages, they’re a Japanese Chibi/Superdeformed style of figurine made by the Good Smile company.


So when this came up for Pre-order some time back in Mid-2015, I thought it looked so cool, I just had to have it. There really is something about the Joker as a character, and I thought the Heath Ledger Dark Knight version was about as dark as they come. I bought this from Inx Station on ebay uk as a pre-order. This isn’t the first thing I’ve bought from them, I have a Figma Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell which I may post about at some other point. They are on facebook and have plenty of pre-orders of new figures from the major companies. Try here for their ebay items.


Here he is straight out of the box.


He comes with some accessories and replacement parts too. I wish Good Smile would supply some mini ziplocks to keep these bastards in though, these hands are all of a bout 3-4mm long, and if you lose them, you really will lose them for good. the head comes off, and then apart to replace the face. The way the hair comes together is pretty good, almost seamless. Don’t use your nails for this stuff though, you can gouge the paint badly.


all the bits, and the mounting platform too.


He really is a creepy little fucker. Bearing in mind that this guy is all of 4 inches tall.


He comes in at about £25 with £10 delivery from overseas. I didn’t get hit by any customs charge either.

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