The Four Horsies of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsies of the Apocalypse


Many moons ago, I funded only my second kickstarter.  I saw it originally on, and it was a collectable figurine called “Little Maddie“, made by BigShot ToyWorks.

Here’s the original Maddie, a sort of My Little Pony on Crack, who was taken advantage of by the Great Cthulhu.

Almost immediately, on the success of that project, BigShot started a Kickstarter for a full set of 4 figures in the same vein, which in fact had been pictured alongside the original Maddie in the campaign.  Originally intended to include variant colour schemes, it did get funded for production, at a smaller figure scale, including a new 4″ version of Maddie.  I received my goodies a couple of days ago, and this post is to lay out my swag from the Kickstarter.

The main reward was the “Four” horsies:


and Maddie was an add-on.


So, here’s Crash (War)


Ghost (Death)


Raven (Famine)


Calamity (Pestilence) – only slightly disappointed with this figure, very unstable. while Ghost comes with a stand, it might have been better to include matching stands for them all, but Kickstarters can be tight at the best of times.


And last, but by no means least, the leader of the gang, Maddie.


Shown here for scale with a classic Qee.


and the fully assembled “Horsies of the Apocalypse”


BigShot have a history in Toymaking, (or more like “Adult” collectables), including MLP branded “Chibis” available from, and a sadly failed Kickstarter called “Dream Big Friends” which is an attempt to tap into a more realistic child’s toy market.

the Four Horsies can also be found at their own website

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